Tata, a pioneer in many a business sectors in India, entered the real estate business after realising its increasing importance and a high share in the economy’s growth. Tata, as a company, as told earlier is active in almost 7 business sectors and so a high chunk of real estate dealings come from the company itself where it aims to sustain a huge business empire.

Presently it is involved in many real estate and infrastructural projects. It is focussing more on projects that make a difference in accordance with all the TATA ethics and values.

Tata promises to redefine the real estate industry by work in the niche sectors. The focus is also on such paradigms where the strategic investments yield long term returns.

Some of the TATA projects areRamanujan IT city, Chennai; Trilium, Amritsar; TRITVAM, Kochi; Capitol Heights, Nagpur; IT SEZs for TATA Consultancy; Trombay Re-Development and Mixed Development, Bengaluru.

Projects by - TATA